Admission Process

To become a resident at Marne Street Hospital, a needs assessment must first be carried out. This is usually organised by your doctor or your hospital, if you are currently a patient there.

However, you may wish to arrange a needs assessment yourself. To do this, phone the Southern District Health Board, ask to speak to a needs assessment service co-ordinator and arrange for a needs assessment.

This will look at:

  • Your health needs
  • Your support needs
  • Whether you need ongoing, long-term residential care
  • The level of care you need – for example long-term hospital care, such as that available at Marne Street Hospital.


Once it is shown that you need long-term residential care, you may apply for a financial means assessment. Forms will be supplied by your needs assessment service coordinator.

This will determine whether you qualify for government funding through the Residential Care Subsidy. To qualify for the subsidy you need to have assets equal to or below a certain dollar value which changes each year.

To be eligible for government funding through the Residential Care Subsidy you need to:

  • Be aged 65 or older, or aged 50–64 and single with no dependent children
  • Have a needs assessment that shows you require indefinite, ongoing, long-term residential care in a rest home or hospital
  • Have a financial means assessment that shows your assets are equal to or below the applicable asset threshold and how much of your income will go towards your care costs
  • Receive contracted care services provided by a long-term residential care facility that is certified – under the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 – and that has a contract with a district health board. Marne Street Hospital meets these criteria.

The Ministry of Health has prepared a comprehensive booklet called Long-term Residential Care for Older People – What you need to know which you can download by clicking on the title above.