Park Lounge

Frequently Asked Questions


What is there for residents to do at Marne Street Hospital?

A varied and interesting programme of activities is arranged by our diversional therapist, which residents may take part in as they choose.


How do I call for help?

Every room has a call bell, as do our bathrooms, lounges and dining area. All our staff carry phones which are connected to the call bells so they can be contacted any time you require assistance.


Is alcohol allowed?

Yes, and we provide wine, beer and spirits at set times and on special occasions.


How can I get a family member into Marne Street Hospital?

A needs assessor appointed by the Southern District Health Board will determine whether Marne St Hospital is suitable for your family member. Full details about the assessment process can be found on the Admission Process page.


Will there be someone to help me with showering, toileting and dressing?

Yes, we will help you with any personal assistance you require at any time you need it.

What do I do if I need help at night?

At least three staff members are on duty overnight and can be summoned by using the call bell in your room.


Are church services available?

Yes, we hold weekly services with each of the main denominations taking a turn.


How much does it cost to be a resident?

This depends on whether you are eligible for a Residential Care Subsidy from Work and Income. All the information you need to know about this can be found in the Ministry of Health Download.


Will my own doctor continue to look after me?

If that is your wish, although we have resident doctors available if you prefer.


Will I have to give up my daily walk or other exercise?

We encourage residents to keep up an exercise regime, whether it is a walk around the facility or across the park – we will have someone keep you company. Our activities programme has an exercise component.


Can I bring my own armchair?

You won’t need to, we provide you your own comfortable recliner chair on wheels enabling the less mobile access to all areas of the hospital

What furniture is provided and what do I need to bring with me?

Each room has an electric bed, a bedside table, an over-bed table and a wardrobe. You are welcome to bring any other personal items, including a TV. For safety reasons, we do require that rooms are not over-filled.


How will I get my hair cut?

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, a hairdresser comes to Marne Street Hospital. We have a specially set up salon for this purpose.


How will I wash my clothes?

We have an in-house laundry and will take care of all your laundry. We can even arrange for items that need special care to be dry cleaned, for a small charge. It is important that all clothes are named.


How will I get my mail?

Mail is personally delivered to your room every day except Sunday.


Is breakfast eaten in the communal dining room?

Those residents who wish to get up for breakfast may do so, however many prefer to have breakfast in their rooms.

Will I like the food?

We understand the importance of good food so residents have a major input into meal planning. We also cater for residents with particular dietary requirements, such as vegetarian or gluten-free meals. The menu is prepared in conjunction with dieticians to ensure a balanced healthy diet.


Who will ensure I take my pills at the right time?

Our staff will make sure you take the correct pill at the right time. We will draw up a treatment chart of your medication requirements. All medication is overseen by our registered nurses and your GP.


Do subsidised residents receive any personal funds?

Yes, Work and Income pay residents a fortnightly allowance directly into the bank account of their choice.

What cash access facilities are available?

So that you do not have to hold more than small amounts of money in your room, we operate a resident account from which we issue cash as needed.

How do I pay my personal bills or accounts?

We have a resident account which can be used to pay your bills if required.


Are your nurses registered?

We employ only suitably qualified registered nurses. 


Are residents allowed to come and go as they please?

Certainly, we encourage it although for your safety we do require you to sign in or out when leaving or returning to the hospital.


Does Marne Street Hospital have a physiotherapist?

Yes, we have a qualified and experienced physiotherapist.


Does Marne Street Hospital have a podiatrist?

A podiatrist visits the hospital regularly. Where the visit is prescribed by a GP, there is no charge.


Can I have personal items in my room?

We encourage residents to bring with them personal items they wish to have near them. This can include small items of furniture, electronic equipment including TVs, and photos, toys and plants.

Can I hang pictures in my room?

Yes, and we have a maintenance person who will do this for you.


Is smoking allowed?

Only in outside designated areas and at designated times. Like all public buildings in New Zealand, smoking is not permitted indoors.


What if I get hungry between meals?

We provide morning and afternoon teas, and suppers each day, all with fresh home baking. If you require additional snacks you just need to ask.

Is tea and coffee available?

Yes, you or your family may make your own tea or coffee at any time, or you can have a staff member make it for you.


Is there continuity of staff?

Our staff like to get to know the residents so wherever possible the same team members will look after you each shift. We have a number of staff who have worked here for several years.

Staying overnight

Can family members stay overnight?

Yes, we have fold-out beds for any family member wishing to be with their loved one should circumstances require it.


How do I make or receive telephone calls?

We have a phone expressly for the use of residents. If you wish, a phone can be installed in your room but rental charges will apply. The phone in your room which also acts as your call bell can receive outside calls


When are visiting hours?

There are no set hours for visiting, we welcome family members and friends at any time.