Families are Important, too!

The time spent with a loved one is extremely special. At Marne Street Hospital, the family members of our residents are as much a part of our life as the resident themselves. We encourage family members to share the life of their loved one at Marne Street Hospital by visiting and participating in the many activities provided.

Covid-19 has lead to a change in our visiting hours:

  • Visiting hours at Level 1 - Monday to Friday 10AM - 4PM and Weekends & Public Holidays 1PM - 4PM (exceptions to visiting hours can be made in consultation with Marne Street Hospital management)
  • Visiting hours at Level 2 and above - To protect the welfare of our residents and staff Marne Street Hospital invokes its lockdown policy and all visiting is discontinued.
  • In the case of regional alert levels - any person wishing to visit from an area with an alert level of greater than Level 1 will be denied access to Marne Street Hospital.

We understand that placing your loved one into a residential facility is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of emotions that go with handing over the care of your loved one. We make it a priority to work through these concerns with you.

Sometimes it is difficult for family members to discuss aspects of aging with their loved one. For this reason we have produced several information booklets that can assist you to make decisions.

If you have any issues, both our facility manager and clinical manager encourage you to discuss these with them at the earliest opportunity so that your concerns can be addressed.